Luxury chateau

Would you like to surprise her? If you find something special and original, we can offer you special package of marriage proposal: chateau proposal. You can arrive to five-star-eco-chic chateau hotel, because it is ideal place for the luxurious experience. It will be really special evening, you will be happy with your bride elect, we are sure.

Wellness like never before

Enjoy the best procedures, because we think that people obviously don´t have time to enjoy massage in salon. There will be not only classic massage, but there will be professional expert, who make your muscles happy and your body will thank you. We are sure that you will appreciate also warm bath, because it is original manner how to spend your common time in presidential apartment.
And what you can do after wellness and dinner? You will have also observatory for you, so don´t hesitate and tell her your wish under thousands stars on the sky. Any women cannot be negative, if you prepare so special day for her. Show her your love and trust us that you will do the best.